Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Troop 602 Reunion is Here!

Rumor is that Andy Sills will be there! He's racing this weekend to break his new world record.

Troop 602 Scouts and families join us at the Troop Reunion:
Friday October 8
4333 S 6400 W
7:00 to 8:00 pm

Will you be there?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

To Mike's Mom

On Monday a few of us including me (Mike), James Pace, James Lore, Both of the Gerritsens, Kody Despain, Johnny and Chaz Greenfield, Austin, and Jarom decided to head up to Action Center D, which belonged to mainly the Northeast region. One of our guys told us that this action center was not nearly as well visited as the one we’d been going to because it was way off from everything else. We went air rifle shooting, did some BMX stunt riding, and went up to Action Alley, which is a military style obstacle course that we got to run through. It was pretty intense.

After a two-hour wait in line we got into the Action Alley. We realized that only seven of us would be able to go in, so James, James, and Kody went to scuba. The rest of us got started with the course. At first both Henrik and Gerrit were very scared of some of the structures and obstacles in the course, mostly because it was very high, but our troop had learned spotting and were able to help them overcome their fear and join in the fun. By the end, which included a giant ladder climb and a really great zip line, they had built up their confidence and were no longer scared of the heights. It was really neat to be able to work together as guys from the same troop to help each other overcome all obstacles.

To Adam's Mom

Yeah today is the last day!

To Austin G.'s Mom

See you soon.

To Daniel H.'s Mom

I’m so tired I could eat a horse.

To Joe's Mom

I’ve had a blast and taken 3000 pictures! Unfortunately yesterday at Busch gardens I lost my camera…. I was going on a ride and threw it to Alec and about 20 min after asked for it and no one new where it was L. In short Kayla please don’t kill me I will buy you a new camera. Mom and dad I’m sorry about coming home with no pictures for you I hope I can get some from Sam and his brothers.